Our Mission:

We are committed to being the most valued name in Caravan & Prefabricated Building Industry in Egypt and the Middle East.

  • We will always build a high quality, high value, competitively priced products at acceptable margins.
  • We will be treating every situation with the highest level of integrity in a timely manner.
  • We will struggle to reduce the total cost to achieve acceptable returns.

Our Vision:

To consistently satisfy our customers’ expectations of the quality of our Products & Services which we offer.

Our Values:


We are committed to being your architecture consultant, supplier, and builder. Your product is our own product.

Everlasting Products

A promise to guarantee to have your product for a lifetime without being affected with any factor.

On-time Delivery

Door- to- door delivery, within the agreed time range. Punctuality is our first priority.


Take your time to check every single part of our products, and we challenge you to find a tiny flaw.

Founded by Eng. Raafat F. Shabana in 1986 in Cairo, Egypt, as a single division company specialized in the design, manufacturing, supply and construction of Caravans and Prefabricated Buildings. All works and projects run through Turnkey Solutions.


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