Steel & Fiber Tanks

ME Caravan provides Horizontal cylindrical single and double-walled tanks for liquids storage.

What’s the difference between Single-walled and Double-walled tanks?

Single-walled tanks form a leaking protective containment; they act as the inner tank of double-walled tanks. Double-walled tanks have two folded walls which form a steel hard protective tank.

Why use single-walled tanks?

  • Collection and storage of rainwater.
  • Water storage.
  • Storage of all kinds of liquids.

Why use double-walled tanks?

  • Service stations.
  • Storage of flammable liquids for heating systems.
  • Storage of aircraft.
  • Storage of chemicals and water-polluting liquids.
  • Collection and storage of waste and effluent water.

Standards of Caravans

Can be customized as per the clients' needs
Movable and Stationary
Used Materials
Steel & Fiber
Competitive Advantage
Resistible to different weather conditions

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