Steel Hangars

The storage process is one of the biggest dilemmas in the whole manufacturing process. In ME Caravan we support manufacturing the hangars for maintenance and storage. Whether your business is Aviation ِِ, Agriculture, or commercial one; our hangars are a built-to-code structure that meets your needs.

We provide both deployable and moveable hangars that will be fully operational within days with the help of our team.

Our hangars that are made of steel metal are proven as the best shelters against all the environmental harsh changes; they act as your security guard.

Why use steel hangars?

  • Thick but light for easy transport.
  • Strong and resistant to all harsh conditions.
    Customizable and easily bend.
  • Able to be fixed easily.
  • Cost-effective.

At ME Caravan, we manufacture the most advanced structures made of the highest quality materials that give more flexibility.

We are developing the steel hangars with rapid construction and complete environmental control along with all precautions for life safety and security.

Standards of Steel Hangars

Can be customized as per clients' needs
Used Materials
High-Quality Galvanized Steel
Competitive Advantage
Resistible to different weather condition

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